KAGRA’s commitment to Diversity

We, KAGRA collaborators, committed to fostering a workplace where everyone works together, regardless of language, nationality, physical ability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or personal religious practices. We eliminate any of such discrimination.

Together with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration, we recognize the challenges faced by scientists who belong to underrepresented groups. We celebrate the contributions made to the LVK collaboration’s achievements by physicists, astronomers, engineers, detector operators, students, and staff who identify as women, transgender, non-gender-binary, intersex, and/or gender-diverse.

We also pledge to work to increase the numbers of women and under-represented minorities that actively participate in the LVK collaboration, to pursue recruitment, mentoring, retention and promotion of women and under-represented minority scientists and engineers, and to maximize their contribution to excellence in our research. As a collaboration, we will strive to create a professional climate that encourages inclusion and that respects and values diversity.

December 7, 2020
KAGRA Executive Office and KAGRA Scientific Congress Board