KAGRA Observatory, ICRR The University of Tokyo, 238 Higashimozumi, Kamioka-cho, Hida-city, Gifu-prefecture, 506-1205 Japan. (Google Map)


International flights to Tokyo arrive at Narita international or Haneda(Tokyo international) airports. If you arrive at Narita, take train or limousine bus to Tokyo station or Haneda airport, then take bullet train(Shinkansen) or flight to Toyama, which is the nearest large city to KAGRA Observatory .

Kansai(Osaka) and Chubu(Nagoya) airports also have several international connections. You may need more time from these airports to Toyama.

Local Transportation

The nearest bus stop is “Mozumi” (茂住), that is 300 meter away from the KAGRA Observatory building. The nearest railway station is JR Inotani, that is 6km away from Mozumi. So please use the bus service from JR Inotani station to Mozumi bus stop.

Bus time table:

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