KAGRA坑内作業入坑申請(Application form for activity in KAGRA) (赤字は記入必須) , (申請送信の結果は、申請ボタンを押した後、ページの下のほうを見てください)

    ■【重要】 確認事項(Confirmations and Understandings)

    ・1 年以内に作業従事者教育を受講済み。
    ・KAGRA 安全規則の熟読済み。

    Before you submit the following application, please be sure that all the people who will enter the KAGRA tunnel have finished the following procedures,
    (1)submitted a questionnaire for employees, (not for company)
    (2-1)took a safety and health lecture by the Univ. of Tokyo,
    (2-2)read a safety manual of the Univ. of Tokyo and submitted a written pledge. (not for company)
    (3)Got an education for employees within one year,
    (4)Understood the safety rule of KAGRA,
    After you consult with Project manager and/or Schedule manager about your activities in the KAGRA tunnel, and submit this application.

    確認しました(I Agree)

    ■申請の留意点(How to fill the working period)


    If your planed activity is within one week and is for one purpose, please specify the period and list up all members.
    If it will be over one week, please submit this application every week. For the first week, please specify the actual starting day and the date of Friday (Saturday and Sunday are possible after negotiation with Prof.Saito and Uchiyama) in the same week. For the last week, please specify the Monday as a starting date and the last date in the same week.

    ■ 申請の区分(New or Revised)

    新規 (New) (修正の場合は、こちら

    ■ 申請日(Application Date)

    ■ 作業時間帯(Working Period and Time)

    期間(Period): 年(Y) 月(M) 日(D) ~

    開始(Start): 時(H) 分(M) ~ 終了(Stop):

    人数(Head-count): (作業責任者+KAGRA側責任者+作業者)

    ■ 作業目的(Working Purpose)



    ■ 主な作業場(Main Working Place)

    ■ 作業責任者(Responsible Person)

    氏名 : 所属 :

    TEL : e-mail :

    ■ KAGRA側の責任者(作業責任者がKAGRAメンバーの場合はすべて記入不要)(KAGRA Side Responsible Person)

    氏名: 所属:

    TEL: e-mail :

    ■ Comments

    ■ 入坑者リスト(作業責任者除く)(List of Workers without the Responsible Person)

    -------氏名(Name)------------所属(Affiliation)-----------------連絡先(同上可)(Contact Information)----
    01 :

    02 :

    03 :

    04 :

    05 :

    06 :

    07 :

    08 :

    09 :

    10 :

    11 :

    12 :

    13 :

    14 :

    15 :

    16 :

    17 :

    18 :

    19 :

    20 :

    ■ 入坑手段(Method for Entering)


    入坑用・作業用・納品用 車両がある場合は記載(トラックはトン数を書くこと)

    例-----4t 平トラック(10月30日)--○○産業---------------------------○○○,□□□---------
    01 :

    02 :

    03 :

    04 :

    05 :

    ■ 重機使用

    中央実験室クレーン(Crane),フォークリフト(fork lift),牽引車(tractor),T3 Xarm,T3 Yarm