KAGRA Collaboration

KAGRA Collaboration structure and scheme(October 22 2011)

    Dear KAGRA colleagues,

    In order to encourage further the active participation of the non-Japanese collaborators and to help acquire the budget for the group activity from their own country, the KAGRA Executive Committee has discussed the new structure and scheme in the KAGRA collaboration. We propose;

    (a) Any group in any country (or region) can contribute to the existing “sub-groups” in KAGRA. In order to clarify the responsibility of the non-Japanese groups, the head of the sub-group members from each country (or region) can become a “chief” (if the group prefers). In this structure, there could be several chiefs in a sub-group, including the one from the Japanese group. The Japanese chief should take the responsibility of coordinating all the activities in the sub-group during the construction of KAGRA.

    (b) A collaboration agreement between KAGRA-PI and PI of the country (or region), which defines the responsibility of each country (or each region) should be concluded at a proper time.

    (2) “International Board of Representatives” should be formed.
    + The members are: PIs from each country (or region) and the EC members.
    + The meeting will be held (at least) in every F2F international
    collaboration meeting. (The first one will be held at the Feb. 2012
    F2F meeting).
    + The agenda items to be discussed include;
    i) Long term vision of KAGRA,
    ii) dates of the F2F international collaboration meetings,
    iii) other important issues of the KAGRA collaboration.  

    If you have any questions and/or comments, please let me know.

    Best regards,
    Takaaki Kajita

KAGRA Organization